Tokyo Foodie Tours are tailored to embark you on a culinary journey in one of the most exciting cities in the world! Japan is a country devoted to food and in Tokyo, that fixation is exponentially multiplied. According to News Week, the Greater Tokyo Area has no less than 160 000 restaurants. With that many, it can easily be overwhelming when you are in Japan for only a short period of time and want to experience the most out of it!

Our mission: to bring you to places locals visit and where the food is authentic and the quality is outstanding!


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Katherine tokyo foodie tours japan tours

Your guide and founder Katherine is a food enthusiast from Montreal, Canada. She spends most of her spare time searching for Tokyo’s little gems. She will gladly share a lot of insight on the Japanese culture with you, from a foreigner point of view. She speaks fluent english and french.


justin tokyo foodie tours

There are few things that Justin enjoys more than a gathering of people around good food and drinks.

Since his first visit to Japan nearly 3 years ago, he’s developed quite the appetite for culinary exploration in the Japanese capital. Also from Montreal, he works in tandem with Katherine, offering what he thinks is the best of Tokyo and sharing suggestions to travellers on his tours. He is also the photographer responsable for the photos found on this website.